Ground School

The Washington Anchor Replacement Project is excited to announce Ground School: a two-part  introductory course offered to individuals interested in replacing aging fixed hardware.

The Washington Anchor Replacement Project is excited to announce Ground School:a two-part  introductory course offered to those interested in rebolting. 

Part one is a presentation and discussion period which focuses on:

  • The State of Fixed Hardware in Washington and across the country
  • Access Fund Guidelines
  • WARP’s stance on the ethics of bolt placement and replacement
  • Why WARP pushes so hard for bolt replacement
  • WARP Hardware Grant recipient expectations
  • Proper hardware selection

Part One – Yakima Climbing Scene Ground School, Fall 2018

Part two is a hands-on skills instruction period during which participants will practice:

  • Proper bolt placement techniques
  • Sleeve bolt removal
  • Wedge bolt removal
  • Bolt hole patching

The technical process of bolt removal is best learned from a qualified instructor on the ground

Classes are generally 4-hours in length. However, each class is unique so the actual duration will depend on the amount of discussion during the presentation period and the amount of time required for students to gain proficiency with the bolt removal process and replacement skills.

It is expected that students who successfully complete this class will apply for a Hardware Replacement Grant through the Washington Anchor Replacement Project. 

Shiny new stainless steel anchors from a WARP grant

Grants are awarded based on the merits of the replacement project in addition to the skill of the applicant.

Ground School class costs vary, please check with WARP or the host facility prior to registration. Classes are currently offered by invitation only and are being planned in several locations throughout Washington State for 2019. Sign up here to be put on the invitation list: Invitation Form


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Ground School at Vertical World, Redmond, January 2019

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