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The Washington Anchor Replacement Project and Washington Climbers Coalition are excited to announce the launch of JOIN THE REBOLT!

It has been an adventure getting everything together for the initiative—from gaining the support of our sponsors to figuring out the logistics of t-shirt production and order fulfillment—but we now have multiple styles, colors, sweatshirts and stickers! Show your support and check out our available items at  The best part is that you don’t have to wait long because orders are typically shipped in 3 days!

We’d like to recognize our funding and supporting donors for 2018. Through their generous support, we’ve been able to kick off this year with a solid foundation to continue working with our community.

Honorary and Continuing Sponsors:

Petzl   |   Fixe Hardware

Mentor Level:

Vertical World Climbing Gyms 

Progressive Level:

Seattle Bouldering Project    |   Stone Gardens Climbing Gym

Basic Level:

Edgeworks Climbing Gym   |   Cirque Climbing Gym    |    Island Rock Gym
The West Wall Bar   |   American Alpine Institute 
Olympic Peninsula Climbers   |   Alpine Ascents
Northwest Mountain School    |   Mountain Madness
Leavenworth Mountain Association   |   The Mountaineers

But their support can only get us so far. We need your help!

JOIN THE REBOLT! comes at a critical time for climbers: the hardware put in by previous generations is at the end of its lifespan and many placements have become dangerous.

With the continuing support of  hardware from our honorary sponsors, Petzl and Fixe Hardware, replacing a minimalist anchor consisting of 2 stainless steel bolts, 2 stainless steel hangers, 2 rated stainless steel quick links and 2 stainless steel rap rings costs WARP over $30.00. To replace a preferred style anchor with the addition of stainless steel chain pushes the cost to over $52.00! This means that for WARP to supply a rebolter with the hardware to re-equip the average route consisting of 10 bolts and a two-bolt anchor, our cost will be between $90.00 and $110.00. A wall with 20 routes is around $2,000.00. A whole crag…you can imagine gets pretty costly!


Your $25 donation (which gets you a rad t-shirt) along with the JOIN THE REBOLT! sponsors’ support makes it possible to continue supplying new stainless steel hardware for re-equipping routes around Washington state at crags from the Olympic Peninsula’s sandstone to the granite epics at Washington Pass. Without your support, we can only hope the next anchor we hang or rappel from will hold. Fellow climbers, this is our responsibility, let’s make it happen together: JOIN THE REBOLT!

Thank you again for your support of this initiative. We look forward to making Washington a safer place to climb—together!

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